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Select from the many career clusters below which best describes the type of job you are interested in exploring.
  • Art, Entertainment, and Pop Culture
    The job market in arts and entertainment is a highly competitive one, but if you can find the right fit for your skills, it's possible to have a successful career in this creative and dynamic field.
  • Business
    Working in business can be a challenging and fulfilling career path. Educational requirements and training will vary based on the type of job you're interested in. Read on to learn more!
  • Communications & Media
    Good communications skills are important for success in any job, but if you are driven to understand how to create compelling and effective messages for targeted audiences, a career in communications and media may be a good fit for you.
  • Corporate Jobs
    Working in the corporate world requires the ability to effectively navigate large, multi-layered organizational structures and to be comfortable in a formal professional culture. Jobs in the corporate world span a huge range of competencies and specialities. Read on to learn if working at a corporation might be right for you!
  • Culinary & Food Service Jobs
    Explore this cluster to get a sense of what's out there in the world of food. From a career as a chef, caterer, personal cook, pastry chef, or school meal server, to a job as a safety inspector, nutritionist, or researcher, food service offers you one of the most diverse and eclectic employment fields around.
  • Education
    Careers in education offer a unique opportunity to shape students' lives. There are numerous specialties within education, some of which are in higher demand than others.
  • Engineering
    Engineering is a good fit for those who enjoy inventing, creating and building in the physical world. Read on to learn more about engineering sub-fields and required preparation.
  • Government Jobs
    A career in federal or local government can provide job security and the satisfaction of serving your country or community.
  • Healthcare
    Ten of the twenty fastest growing occupations in the labor market are related to healthcare, and healthcare jobs are projected to grow by 30 percent by the end of 2014. Take a closer look at the diverse career options available in this dynamic field to see if it might be the right path for you.
  • Hospitality
    If you have the valuable gift of being able to make people feel welcome, comfortable, and taken care of, you may be a good fit for working in the hospitality industry.
  • Law
    Careers in law range from attorneys, to court clerks and reporters, to bailiffs and probation officers. If you have an interest in how laws are made, enforced, or protected, there are many careers to choose from in this field.
  • Mathematics
    If your mind is adept with numbers and you enjoy analytic and quantitative reasoning, consider a career in the diverse field of mathematics.
  • Mental Health, Psychology, Counseling & Therapy
    Psychologists, therapists, counselors, ministers, and mental health professionals help people resolve issues, improve their lives, and meet challenges. Required education and training depends on the type of work you'd like to do.
  • Rehabilitation
    Working in the field of rehabilitation allows you to help someone achieve their highest obtainable level of physical, mental or emotional health. Helping people return to independence and well being after experiencing a life altering event can be an extremely rewarding career.
  • Science
    By using their curiosity, creativity, and expertise to seek answers to questions large and small, scientists influence the way life is lived and work is done all over the world.
  • Skilled Trades
    A career in a skilled trade requires mastery of defined, precise skills. Trades are usually taught in specialized high school courses, vocational schools, or two-year associate degree programs. Often these jobs require on-the-job training via apprenticeships. Currently there is a shortage of workers in many skilled trades, which means strong salaries and a high degree of job security.
  • Technology
    Technology is one of the fastest growing occupational fields and is currently the leading occupation supported by two-year degrees. Career prospects in technology are extremely diverse and continually changing to keep pace with the field.
  • Writing
    Pursuing a career in writing can be challenging, competitive, and fulfilling. From technical writers, to journalists, to bloggers, writers must master a diverse set of skills to be successful. Read on to see if this is the career for you!

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