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Select the interest below which best describes the type of job you are looking for:
  • Accommodating
    Interest in catering to the wishes of others, usually on a one-to-one basis.
  • Artistic
    Interest in creative expression of feelings or ideas.
  • Business detail
    Interest in organized, clearly defined activities requiring accuracy and attention to detail, primarily in an office setting.
  • Humanitarian
    Interest in helping others with their mental, spiritual, social, physical, or vocational needs.
  • Industrial
    Interest in repetitive, concrete activities in a factory setting.
  • Leading-Influencing
    Interest in leading and influencing others through activities involving high-level verbal or numerical abilities.
  • Mechanical
    Interest in applying mechanical principles to practical solutions, using machines, hand tools, or techniques.
  • Plants and animals
    Interest in activities involving plants and animals, usually in an outdoor setting.
  • Protective
    Interest in the use of authority to protect people and property.
  • Scientific
    Interest in discovering, collecting, and analyzing information about the natural world and in applying scientific research findings to problems in medicine, life sciences, and natural sciences.
  • Selling
    Interest in bringing others to a point of view through personal persuasion, using sales and promotion techniques.
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