Introducing “Employment Connections.” First Topic: Disclosing a Disability

APH ConnectCenter is launching a new quarterly webinar, Employment Connections, focusing on topics related to employment. For our first edition, we’ll be discussing when job seekers should disclose their disability. Details on the webinar are below, and here’s a preview with insights from our first guest, Russell Shaffer, Executive Vice President of Strategy & Programs … Continued

Dog Guides at Work: Navigating Workplace Etiquette and Interactions

Editor’s note: Hunter Duncan is a long-time dog guide handler who shares with sighted individuals the best practices for interacting with a dog guide in a workplace. Dog Guides at Work: Navigating Workplace Etiquette and Interactions Whether you’ve recently started a new job or worked at the same company for years, each day brings new … Continued

SEE-THROUGH Podcast: Seeing Through the Disability

Editor’s note: Lance Johnson’s SEE-THROUGH podcast tackles topics relevant to the blind, low vision, and disability communities. If you are blind or low vision and interested in learning how to host a podcast, read Max Ivey’s blog, Creating a Podcast When Blind or Low Vision, and article, How To Create a Podcast, on APH VisionAware. … Continued

Hear from a Leading Voice in Braille Literacy and Library Access

When you consider the distinguished career Kim Charlson, M.S. has established in the field of library science, it’s hard to believe she ever wanted to do anything else. But the fact is that she began her college studies planning to become a disability rights attorney. In her last year in college, however, she began to … Continued

An International Student Experience When Blind

Coming to the States for my higher education had been a possibility I began toying with in ninth grade. It was a nebulous thought, one which did not particularly mature for several years. I was quite busy negotiating the Indian education system: typing up my textbooks when accessible electronic material was unavailable, participating in every … Continued

Sam of ‘The Blind Life’ Shares About His Access Technology YouTube Channel

Here’s why I started a YouTube channel for the blind/ low vision with over 50,000 subscribers.In 2013, I was creating videos for a mobile technology channel and decided to sneak in a video about how to get larger font on your mobile device. I realized there were several comments from Visually Impaired People (VIPs) thanking me … Continued

Advocating Always: A Request for the Wheatley Tactile Diagramming Kit

Imagine that you are assigned to an unfamiliar school for your student-teaching placement. Your vocational rehabilitation counselor has purchased the Picture Maker: Wheatley Tactile Diagramming Kit for your use in learning routes in the school and new community because he understands the benefit of this tool. Now imagine that you meet your new orientation and mobility (O&M) … Continued