Career Conversations: One Year of Interviewing Professionals who are Blind or Low Vision

What if I told you there’s a place you can listen to individuals who are blind or low vision share about their current employment and how they prepared for it? There, you can ask your pressing questions—how did they know the career field is what they wanted to pursue; how did they navigate disclosing blindness/ … Continued

Hobbies as an Individual Who Is Blind or Low Vision

Editor’s note: Don’t let blindness or low vision steal the joy of engaging and flourishing in a new or longstanding hobby. You will find satisfaction and entertainment while participating, and you’ll reap work-related benefits. The following blog has been updated as of October 2022. Hobbies as an Individual Who Is Blind or Low Vision Oh, … Continued

Suitable and Stylish Work Attire

Editor’s note:  For National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), we look at developing a work wardrobe that is not only appropriate for your workplace, but also affords you the opportunity to express your confidence, and if you so choose, fashion-forwardness. Suitable and Stylish Work Attire You landed the job (Congratulations!) and you’re wondering what you’ll … Continued

10 Resources for Transitioning from High School to College or Work

Editor’s note: The following blog post has been updated as of August 2022. 10 Resources for Transitioning from High School to College or Work How are you feeling about your upcoming transition from high school? Can college or a career “not come soon enough” or are you hoping time will slow down because you appreciate … Continued

From Self-Conscious of Blindness to Self-Confident and Successful: Meet Gena Harper 

Gena Harper works at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management as the Senior Vice President of Wealth Management and the Senior Investment Management Consultant. She provides custom financial planning and simplifies it for her clients. Her role consists of marketing to acquire clients, complex financial analysis and planning for individuals, investment research, plan implementation, ongoing monitoring, and … Continued

Dicapta: Spanish Audio Description Services and Technology for Accessibility 

Have you ever wondered how people who are blind or low vision watch television shows and movies? Or maybe you’ve assumed audiovisual material can’t be enjoyed or understood without sight. Thankfully, it can! Audio description, the narration of key visual elements of audiovisual material, enables people who are blind or low vision to access visual information from … Continued

Navigating College Is Easier with Envision’s College Success Program

Let’s face it—navigating college (from the application process to graduation of undergraduate or graduate studies) is intimidating and unnerving; doing so as an individual who is blind or low vision can be even more challenging due to additional considerations, preparations, measures, and uncertainties. But take heart! Envision’s College Success Program is here to support those … Continued

Meet Satauna Howery: Voice Actor and Small Business Owner Who is Blind

Hold on to your hats and be prepared to be wowed! You’re about to become acquainted with the spirited and engaging Satauna Howery, a skilled voice actor and small business owner who happens to be blind. We’ll dive into Satauna’s early life—the experiences that shaped her career trajectory—and hear her advice for other individuals who … Continued

“Guide Dog” Summer Camps for Youth Who Are Blind or Low Vision

Are you a teen who is blind or low vision and is interested in utilizing (“handling”) a guide dog? If so, what an exciting goal! As much as you may want to jump right into the application and matching process, you aren’t eligible to handle a guide dog until equipped with the skills to do … Continued

APH ConnectCenter’s Transition Hub: Resources to Empower and Equip You for Adulthood

Are you a transition-age student or young adult who’s blind or low vision and wants to pursue college or career transition services or programs? Believe it or not, summer is around the corner, ready for a sneak attack; now is the perfect time to investigate summer pre-employment transition services (Pre-ETS) and programs. You can search … Continued