Sam of ‘The Blind Life’ Shares About His Access Technology YouTube Channel

Here’s why I started a YouTube channel for the blind/ low vision with over 50,000 subscribers.In 2013, I was creating videos for a mobile technology channel and decided to sneak in a video about how to get larger font on your mobile device. I realized there were several comments from Visually Impaired People (VIPs) thanking me … Continued

Advocating Always: A Request for the Wheatley Tactile Diagramming Kit

Imagine that you are assigned to an unfamiliar school for your student-teaching placement. Your vocational rehabilitation counselor has purchased the Picture Maker: Wheatley Tactile Diagramming Kit for your use in learning routes in the school and new community because he understands the benefit of this tool. Now imagine that you meet your new orientation and mobility (O&M) … Continued

Fair Play: Horse Back Riding/ Dressage when Blind or Low Vision

Editor’s note: Originally published in APH InTouch’s Nov-Dec, 2022 Issue, Leslie Weilbacher shares about competing in horse back riding/ dressage when blind or low vision. Fair Play: Horse Back Riding/ Dressage when Blind or Low Vision Right before everything shut down in March 2020, I bought a horse. Winston is a lovely old quarter horse … Continued

Dog Guide Peer Pressure: When Other Voices are Calling the Shots

Editor’s note: After obtaining her first dog guide, Alexis realized she did so because her peers had dog guides. Alexis reminds others who are blind or low vision who are considering dog guides to think through whether a dog guide is a good fit for their current season of life. Dog Guide Peer Pressure: When … Continued

Second Acts: From Programmer to Braille Transcriptionist

Steve Dresser had a solid career working for 30 years as a computer programmer for the state of Connecticut. But after he retired from the position in 2002, he started his own business: Jennco Productions, which is dedicated to producing high-quality braille materials from electronic documents. Blind since birth due to retinopathy of prematurity, Steve … Continued

Orientation and Mobility Outcomes After a Hurricane

Living on an island in the Caribbean surrounded by beaches may sound like living an eternal vacation. And indeed, most of the time it is. But there are also some exceptions, such as being in the path of hurricanes. In 2017, Puerto Rico experienced the direct impact of Hurricane Maria, a category 5 hurricane that … Continued