Conquering College: Activating your campus tools

Lessons learned the hard way:  In the first blog of this two-part series I wrote about planning and perseverance and that theme carries into this post: You can check out Part 1 here. Not only was I the first person in my immediate family to attend college and graduate, I did so as a blind Latino living in southern California. As with many high school students, dinner … Continued

Finding Your Wheels

Editor’s note: This guest post is written by Dr. L. Penny Rosenblum of the American Foundation for the Blind The other day I was sharing a memory of my favorite Lyft ride with a friend from my perspective as a nondriver. It was a night I felt independent and carefree. I had gone to a … Continued

Ready, Set, Goal! Conquering College Preparation

Now that high school is going well and as classes, schedules and extracurricular activities are all sorted out, it’s time to look toward college plans. Before the nail biting and anxieties kick in, here are some personal observations and a few tips to help you prepare for that next big leap to higher education. Preparing … Continued

Of Shorter Days & Brighter Nights: “Street Smart” for the Dark

Whether you are running down to the neighborhood Starbucks to fetch a tasty Frappuccino, or walking three-blocks to catch the school bus or heading home from your after-school job, chances are good that you are navigating your neighborhood pathways and street crossings. Autumn is in full swing.  For many of us, the sunset is already … Continued

Game On: Networking Your Way to Becoming a Brave and Brilliant Professional

There comes a time in our lives when trekking out of our social comfort zone becomes crucial in order to bring about one’s personal and professional goals. Online research and studies show that networking skills are among one of the best means of meeting people with similar interests as well as seeking employment. My own experience with networking, first … Continued

There is Greatness Inside of You

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

We are excited to announce the release of the first video in a series from the American Printing House for the Blind’s ConnectCenter, congratulating the graduating class of 2020! This video series is packed with successful people who are blind or visually impaired from various professions. During my seven years working with and managing CareerConnect, … Continued

Two inside pages of Call of the Sound Dragon

Advising Tracey West and Scholastic on Dragon Masters: The Call of the Sound Dragon

Besides writing some pieces for the American Printing House for the Blind, I spend most of my time working with entertainment programs regarding shows that involve blindness. On occasion, publishers and writers reach out to me on projects like books, stories, and articles involving blindness. When it comes to my work in the entertainment industry, … Continued

Woman on a business zoom video call with professional looking man