Chelsie’s Story: A Call for Community

Sometime in the dog days of summer 2019, say mid-to-late July, a college sophomore named Chelsie Reid called into the syndicated radio program The Breakfast Club Morning Show for their “Get It Off Your Chest” call-in segment. Her issue was one I’m sure many college students can sympathize with: midway through her childcare and early … Continued

Are You Interested in a Career as a Sourcing Specialist?

Editor’s note: Are you interested in becoming a Sourcing Specialist? NSITE shares that they are once again offering a Sourcing Specialist Certificate Training Program for individuals who are blind or low vision; the application deadline for the next course, which begins September 27, is August 15.  Are You Interested in a Career as a Sourcing … Continued

5 Tips for Accessing Accommodations in College 

Thirty-two years ago on July 26th, the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law by President George H. W. Bush. A hard-fought battle for equal access for those with disabilities culminated in the passage of this overwhelmingly bipartisan legislation, and the law was a huge victory for the disabled community. While the ADA offers … Continued

High School Clubs Can Improve Your School Experience: A Teen Reflects

Entering high school can definitely be very nerve-wracking for anyone, including those of us who are blind or low vision. There are a lot of challenges you will face and moments that might be scary. But, trust me—you can improve your high school years. You can join programs and clubs that will make your high … Continued

Handling a Dog Guide in College: My Experience and Tips

Dog guides are exciting orientation and mobility (O&M) aids with some extra personality and love. Using a dog guide can give a person who is blind or low vision a level of independence they might not have experienced before, not to mention the dog can become a best friend. Getting a dog guide in college … Continued

Meet Daryl Walker: Three-Time Goalball Paralympian 

Daryl Walker was born with albinism and accompanying low vision. However, throughout his 40 years of life, he hasn’t let low vision slow him down… even the slightest. Daryl is a three-time goalball Paralympian representing Team USA. Goalball, according to the United States Association of Blind Athletes, is the most popular team sport for the … Continued

From Self-Conscious of Blindness to Self-Confident and Successful: Meet Gena Harper 

Gena Harper works at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management as the Senior Vice President of Wealth Management and the Senior Investment Management Consultant. She provides custom financial planning and simplifies it for her clients. Her role consists of marketing to acquire clients, complex financial analysis and planning for individuals, investment research, plan implementation, ongoing monitoring, and … Continued