My SWEP Experience (Student Work Experience Program)  

by Daniel Blair Why take time away from my summer to go to SWEP?    As a visually impaired person, questions about independent living constantly arise! Whether it’s how I am going to succeed in my education and get a job that I love to do, or how I can learn to cook. There are many ways you … Continued

Advocacy: A Lifelong Journey

by Jaida Burrows Advocacy isn’t something you learn once and never have to work on again. Advocacy is a work in progress every day. There wasn’t a specific day or time when I started learning how to advocate for myself; advocacy has always been part of my life. Whether my mom asked for the information … Continued

APH ConnectCenter’s Transition Hub: Resources to Empower and Equip You for Adulthood

Are you a transition-age student or young adult who’s blind or visually impaired and wants to pursue college or career transition services or programs? Believe it or not, summer is around the corner, ready for a sneak attack; now is the perfect time to investigate summer pre-employment transition services (Pre-ETS) and programs. You can search … Continued

Dr. Heidi Joshi, Manager of Integrated Behavioral Health, Shares Her Career Journey 

Dr. Heidi Joshi is the Manager of Integrated Behavioral Health at John Muir Health’s Family Medicine Residency Program in Walnut Creek, California. The fast-paced, core faculty position is comprised of managing a team of mental health providers, educating medical residents on patient-centered communication skills and mental health issues, supporting physicians who have patients in mental … Continued

The 2022 National Coding Symposium: An opportunity to explore career options

Sean Plumer learned so much about potential careers in computer coding and programming at the 2021 APH National Coding Symposium, he’s already signed up for this year’s event, which runs May 9-13, 2022 online.  A 17-year-old junior in high school, Sean has been interested in computer coding since before he began losing his vision in … Continued

Teens, Are You Strapped for Cash? Start Planning for a Summer Job 

Want to earn cash this summer, prepare for adulthood, and be part of a team? Yes, you say? Then it’s time to look for summer work.   To start, consider the needs in your neck of the woods.   Orlando was my home during my high school years; as you can imagine, theme parks and restaurants required … Continued

Student Employment: A Pathway to Future Careers 

There’s a saying that a job well done is its own reward. But when it comes to student employment, the rewards can be tangible – and valuable.   Lindsay Kerr and Nina Marranca can vouch for that. The two visually impaired college students have been working during their higher education. Even an internship can lead to … Continued

Meet Lucy Greco, Web Accessibility Evangelist with the University of California, Berkeley

In case you missed APH CareerConnect’s first-ever Career Conversation (a monthly Zoom interview of an individual who is blind or visually impaired and gainfully employed), allow me to introduce you to our first guest, Lucy Greco, and to share her recorded Career Conversation.  Lucy Greco, on what shaped her  Lucy, blind since birth, grew up … Continued

Kiran Kaja, Accessibility Lead for Instagram, shares what ignited his passion for accessibility

Kiran Kaja has a rare form of Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP); while most with RP begin losing their vision in their teenage years, Kiran has been blind since birth. Thankfully, Kiran’s parents understood early on that blindness is but one characteristic of an individual and that he was and is fully capable. Blindness did, however, uniquely … Continued

Christine Ha, “The Blind Cook,” on Ingredients for Career Success

Among the history-making women worth honoring during Women’s History Month, Christine Ha is a standout.   Known as “The Blind Cook,” Christine is the only blind contestant – and the season three winner – of “MasterChef,” the competitive TV show for home cooks judged by Gordon Ramsay. The show began her long list of accomplishments: author … Continued