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For job seekers who are visually impaired

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Date: 4/27/2019

Esther and her daughter Gwen, laughing

VisionAware Peer Advisor Gift Suggestions

echo device pictured next to white coffee cup. The echo is round and approximately 3 times taller than the cup and about the same girth as the cup

  • The Instant Pot is a great tool for the blind or visually impaired cook!
  • Amazon Echo or Google Home device. Imagine having a digital assistant in the house that doesn't require using a keyboard, or learning to use a tablet computer, or smartphone—an attentive digital assistant within earshot, that could open and read a book, provide a weather report, access recent news updates, play music you like, help spell a word for a crossword puzzle, or convert tablespoons into cups for a recipe you’re putting together. Find out more about how smart speakers can help people with vision loss.
  • Love Pop cards with designs such as flowers that popup when the card is opened. Here is a description of a Mother's Day card: "This pale purple cover features an intricately laser-cut message, surrounded by a purple looped border and a few orange butterfly friends. The message 'Happy Mother's Day' is scribed in white across the front of this design. Upon opening this card, a basket appears full of luscious vibrant flowers and greenery. The wicker basket sits on top of a white doily, used to decorate the pale blue tabletop. A few butterfly friends rest on top of the floral arrangement, taking a quick pause before fluttering away."
  • Hello Fresh or Blue Apron food delivery service trial-gourmet recipes that come complete with all ingredients boxed and measured. Minimal prep for delicious high quality meal. 3-day trials are free.
  • Host a tea party to honor your mother, grandmothers, etc. Serve cookies with braille dots, which you can make easily with icing!
  • Write an essay/story about your mother and read it out loud to her on Mother’s Day.
  • Load Uber on Mom’s smart phone and teach her how to use it and take the first trip together to somewhere fun! Check out other transportation options such as which offers a similar service by calling an 800 number.
  • Flower bulbs for summer blooming flowers-plant them together! Enjoy gardening and make a gift at the same time

Jewelry, Wine, Beauty Products

Mountain Crafted aromatherapy, bath, essential oils, health, and skin care products. The business is owned by Barry and Debra Carter who are visually impaired entrepreneurs. Read more about the business.

National Braille Press Jewelry line, including a braille "Love" Helen Keller quote pendant.

Since 1997, L'Occitane has included on the labels of all its products explanations in braille to make its cosmetics accessible to all. It is also one of the first brands to have implemented braille labels and through their foundation, they support services to help people who are blind or visually impaired. Check out their travel sets as a gift for Mom..

orange and yellow flowers blooming

The Gift of Time

One of the greatest gifts is spending time together. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • doing a craft/hobby project together
  • going on a weekend away
  • having someone take your picture together to make a keepsake
  • taking your mom for high tea or some other special, dress-up event
  • experiencing something new together
  • making something for your mom

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